At the airport - Tacna


At the airport you will find the following stores:

At the Main Hall we can find:

  • ALTOMAYO Mini Market and Café
  • Grupo Lexter
  • Productos Lácteos PLETASA (PLETASA Dairy Products)
  • Handicraft Store, products as sweaters, blankets, bags, and various items, made with the finest Alpaca wool
  • 01Store down the hall with products such as olives, macerated, candies, soft drinks, imported chocolates.
  • 01Store within the Boarding lounge offers you sodas, imported chocolates, macerated, sweeties.  


We have the Restaurant Barra Sur (Second floor)

Vip lounge

The Aeropuerto Internacional Coronel FAP Carlos Ciriani Santa Rosa has a VIP lounge that will soon be equipped with Wi Fi Internet access and closed signal TV, plus comfortable seating. The Hotel Tacna offers their guests a comfortable waiting room at the airport.

Currency Exchange

Para un manejo seguro  del dinero, Aeropuerto Internacional Inca Manco Cápac de Juliaca cuenta con una agencia del Banco Continental - BBVA, y cajeros automáticos del Banco de Crédito del Perú.


La moneda nacional del Perú es el nuevo sol. Usted podrá usar dólares o euros para sus gastos. Los cajeros automáticos aceptan las principales tarjetas de crédito tanto en moneda nacional como en dólares americanos.