Sobre el equipaje

Both hand baggage and the one that goes in the airplane cabin can be reviewed at each airport in order to ensure the safety of all passengers. 
Clothes and personal items that passengers carry for travel are considered as baggage. Therefore, when you start packing your baggage and carrying case you should remember those items that you cannot include in a baggage:


Absolutely prohibited elements: 
Explosives, bleaches, acids, poisons, toxics, flammable liquids


Elements not allowed as hand baggage:
Infectious substances, matches, lighters, aerosols, pepper gas, flammable gas, compressed gas. (See more). 
Sharp-pointed elements like metal nail files and nail clippers, needles or knitting needles, tools, tweezers, among others.


Weapons (see more) 
Liquids (perfumes, liquors and others), gel, creams, stick deodorants, lipstick, toothpaste and aerosols can only be transported in the airplane hold. Some countries allow the transport of liquids, gels and aerosols in containers with less than 100 ml. each one, placed in a transparent bag to verify its contents. Each passenger can only transport one bag. 
The transport of cosmetic packages of a capacity greater than 90 ml, placed in a re-sealable transparent bag, is allowed on domestic flights. 
Firearms must be declared and discharged before they pass to the holds.


Hand baggage
There is no charge and it is carried by the passenger within the airplane cabin. 
It is allowed to carry a carrying case plus a personal belonging that can be a wallet, laptop, notebook, video camera or small baby diaper bag. Additionally, the passenger can carry a small camera, a book or magazine and a small duty free bag, as long as he carries these items with him or under the front seat (except the seats located at emergency exits). 
Passengers with special needs can be transported in the cabin, a folding wheelchair, with a pair of crutches or other orthopedic device. 
Those traveling with children under two years old may enter with a chair, a car or a bassinet, if there is space available in the cabin.


Special baggage
The sporting goods must be packed in a bag or box in order to be transported. Assembled bikes should travel with handlebars fixed sideways and pedals removed. Also they must be protected to avoid damage to other baggage.  
Musical instruments must travel within their cases. If they are small, they can be carried in the cabin and replace the hand baggage allowance. Pets (dogs, cats and small ornamental birds) travel in a cage or special container in the airplane hold. Their owners must have the permits.


Hold baggage
These are the objects, baggage or carrying cases traveling in the hold and have been weighed and checked in front of the passenger in the airline counter before boarding. They should be tightly sealed and labeled so you can remove them at your destination or claim in case of loss. 
Its weight should not exceed 23 kilos or 50 pounds and its dimensions should not exceed 203 cm. / 80 linear inches (adding width + height + length).